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 AndyRDH Board Review for NBDHE Hack Cheats Without Generator


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AndyRDH Board Review for NBDHE cheat hacks



AndyRDH Board Review for NBDHE
AndyRDH Board Review for NBDHE hack tool

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About AndyRDH Board Review for NBDHE

AndyRDH Board Review for NBDHE (Hygiene), NBDE (Dental), and DANB (Assisting) exams.

With this application, you will rock on the Board exam!

This application is fully interactive!

Nearly 900 questions to use your knowledge on common Board stuff and words! (Also the ability to upgrade for 300 extra questions).

No more carrying around massive textbooks and needing internet access to take practice exams. No page flipping to check your answers and no manually calculating your grade.

We do all the work for you and create it fun!

Andy Codding, RDH – better known as “AndyRDH” or “AndyFutureRDH” has been the nationwide leader and resource for supporting students prepare for, take, and kick butt on the dental hygiene Board exam. He was also selected as 2013 Phillips Sonicare National Mentor of Distinction! This application will also support you prepare for the NBDE (Dental) exam as the question banks are the same. If you are preparing for the DANB exam, this will also support!

Subject covered contain:
Clinic & Ethics
Dental Anatomy
Dental Materials
Oral Pathology
Unique Needs

Test this application while waiting in line at the drive-thru, grocery shop, waiting for lecture to begin, or your clinic patient to come. No longer will you be worried about the times you could have been studying, if only you had your textbooks.

This application rocks!


Three Mock Board exams with 150 questions every. Rationales included for most questions!

Mock Boards have memory! They automatically shuffle the order of questions every time you take them. This means you will see a various use every time you attempt it.

Exclusive “Understood” option lets you tag a question as “understood” so that you no longer see that question again. We have an option in the settings menu to uncheck all understood questions if you wish to see them again soon. Marking questions as understood, means every time you take the use, you only focus on ones that you don’t understand yet. Tag every one understood until you know and comprehend the questions and answers for all the questions! This insures you “know” before you “go” take the true Board exam. (This detail only works for Mock Boards 1-4. It does not work in the per subject section).
Has a “save” detail so you can save your progress to return to at a soon time.

Questions by subject. Do you only wish to take questions on just Dental Materials or Dental Anatomy? This option allows you to focus only on one subject. Eleven main subject are covered.

Prefixes and suffixes section - This zone has nearly 300 questions playing your knowledge of the most important zone you can study for the Board exam. If you know the prefixes and suffixes, you can better respond use stuff and deduce the meaning of words you are unfamiliar with.

90% of vocabulary on boards can be determined simply by knowing common prefixes and suffixes! This application makes sure you are on your “A-Title” when tackling the Board exam!

Exclusive detail of converting your score percentage of correct answers to what it would be on the true Board exam! This is based off last year’s five use versions and will convert your percentage to what you would have made on the true use with your effects. This is a gotta for gauging your studying and is only accessible based on Andy’s extensive research of multiple scoresheets.

These Mock Board questions are exclusive to the AndyRDH application and cannot be found on the "" site or any another zone!!

Rationales for most questions are accessible. To search out rationales for incorrect answers, you gotta choose them. *IMPORTANT * Please be sure you scroll to the bottom of every of the respond screens. There is extra text for most answers such as some rationales as well as the ability to review the question you just answered.
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AndyRDH Board Review for NBDHE Cheats Walkthrough Tutorial

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