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 Asteroid Alert Hack Cheats Android iOS


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Asteroid Alert cheat hacks



Asteroid Alert hack tool

Asteroid Alert hack tool

Asteroid Alert hack tool

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About Asteroid Alert

This is a scientific app that simulates the solar system dynamics using the info provided by the NASA NEO Tool. The Near World objects and objects close to another planets will be reported in true time. The advanced graphical interface allows you to monitor the orbits of celestial bodies as a function of the elapsed time.
X rays and protons emitted by Sun are also notified to have a complete view of the dangers from zone.

● Player friendly graphical interface
● Sky view mode
● Sensor targeting
● Spherical coordinates of chosen objects
● 2 Information lvls basing on severity or proximity to the World
● Information of objects close to another planets
● Information of solar wind happenings (X rays and protons)
● News regarding asteroids and scientific projects
● Detailed info of NEO (Size, Velocity, Distance, orbital period)
● Goal urls to zone missions
● NEOs info modernized each day

● The max resolution is achieved for asteroids that are less than 0.1 AU from the planets. The app photographs the case on the actual date and simulates happenings that will occur in the future or have occurred in the past.
● The number of asteroids plotted in the asteroid belt is only a fraction of the true number.
● The asteroids not yet included in the NASA NEO info may not be notified.
● X rays and protons lvls are processed and saved continuously. The solar activity indicated as a significant happening, has been inferred through the Statistical analysis of about 6 months of informations sampling. The prediction will be improved with the increasing of informations amount.

● With the exception of the first information, fresh informations will be generated only if NEOs are approaching. The distance of the NEO to the planet gotta be at least 10% lower than that reported in the previous information.
● NEO informations have priority over solar informations except for strong happenings.

Zone is our next frontier.

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Asteroid Alert Details

Size: 2.3M
Genre: Tools
Last update: 2147483647
Full title: Asteroid Alert
Version: 1.29.6
Android version: 4.0 and up
Status: tips tricks no download

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