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 Karate Do - Ultimate Fighting Game Hack Cheats Unlimited Resources


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Karate Do - Ultimate Fighting Game cheat hacks



Karate Do - Ultimate Fighting Game hack tool

Karate Do - Ultimate Fighting Game hack tool

Karate Do - Ultimate Fighting Game hack tool

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About Karate Do - Ultimate Fighting Game

***The long-awaited Season 2 of the greatest Karate Do title is live!***

Jump into this epic Karate Do globe and become the black belt!

🏆Karate Do is both the most successful and the first Karate title ever. 🏆 Join the elite fighter league and fulfill your Karate child dream and become a black belt in the authentic Karate fighting title! 🥋

⭐️Select your magical fighter element, build your combat strategic deck and decide who is your favourite Karate winner and follow the path of the Dojo on your own method to the top. ⭐️

🥊 TAP AND FIGHT: This is an intuitive fighting title based on well-timed actions, with addictive gameplay and special graphics. Unleash your ninja reflexes and plunge into the authentic globe of martial arts. 🥊

🤜You will be able to merge your Karate kdi kicks and punches with your authentic Karate combat strategies. And enjoy this fighting title for gratis. 🤜

😎 War like a shadow fighter or kung fu ninja, or just decide to be a Bruce Lee or Chuck Norris of Karate. It is up to you. Jump into epic Universe of gratis fighting titles with Karate-Do and fall in love with mixed martial arts.😎

Gather the wisdom of Sensei through nice challenges along, master your skills and become a legend of martial arts. Are you sure you have trained enough?

💪Please notice that you may enjoy the title with only one finger while doing one arm ninja push-ups with other hand.💪

🐅Select your unbeatable fighter: Rafael Aghayev, Douglas Brose, or maybe you would like to master Shotokan Karate style or become unbeatable like Kung Fu Karate Tiger 🐅

Dominate different epic fighting title competitions, all while building your martial art legacy. Begin as a Karate child who once had his Karate child dream, and become a unbeatable winner fighter.


Feel the addictive and fully authentic combat system. Controls are the simplest tapping on the screen’s halves while the entire magic is event. Receive ready for unlimited fighter fun and both intense and special fighter experience.


The noble Karate fighter league is gathered in the Dojo. Select from over 36 Karate Kung Fu champions. Vanquish your enemies by learning nice taekwondo tiger kicks and boxing beast punches


Invite your mates to compare your forefathers' samurai skills. Allow everybody meet your inner fighter you are hiding.


Accumulate epic element fighter boxing gloves as well as hybrid legendary Karate Gis. Decide will your fighter be unbeatable by using rare spinning taekwondo kicks or strong direct Tiger Karate punches. It is limited by your desire to be the greatest black belt. So, how truly you wish it?


Use your limits in various fighting titles modes. From normal and task given fighting karate winner competitions to never-ending survival Tiger wars and intense Figter boss wars. Prepare yourself for the final martial art competition.


The story is guided by the legend of combat, Sensei with respect to this gracious martial art and sport. Can you earn your black belt?


-Ultimate Action Packed Globe Punch Martial Art Fighting Title
- Survive In different Winner Ninja competitions & Karate Fighting tiger challenges To Unblock belts
- War vs martial arts warriors and become globe winner, the fighter Lord
- Become unbeatable by following Sensei in his Dojo
- Unleash your ninja fighting reflexes
- Master Shotokan karate style, and receive familiar with another martial arts as Kung fu, Boxing, Taekwondo, all by watching your fighter superheroes doing Karate kicks and punches
- Upgrade your winner and his equipment, and become the fighting legend

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Ig : www.ig.com/play_karatedo/

Report bugs: [email protected]

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Karate Do - Ultimate Fighting Game Details

Size: 86M
Genre: Action
Last update: 2147483647
Full title: Karate Do - Ultimate Fighting Game
Version: 2.0.6
Android version: 4.1 and up
Status: tips tricks no download

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