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 Launcher iOS 14 Cheat Codes Without Generator


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Launcher iOS 14 cheat hacks



Launcher iOS 14 hack tool

Launcher iOS 14 hack tool

Launcher iOS 14 hack tool

Launcher iOS 14 hack tool

Launcher iOS 14 hack tool

Launcher iOS 14 hack tool

Launcher iOS 14 hack tool

Launcher iOS 14 hack tool

Launcher iOS 14 hack tool

Launcher iOS 14 hack tool

Launcher iOS 14 hack tool

Launcher iOS 14 hack tool

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About Launcher iOS 14

Launcher iOS 14is one of the most stable iOS launcher with which you can receive the iPhone interface on your Mobile tablet.
Launcher iOS 14 application can deliver impressive iOS 14-like results through a smooth interface that is launch to customization.
This application will give you an almost iPhone-like experience which can be a refreshing change of pace, however bear in mind that these applications are only here to allow you experience the iOS interface, and will not improve your tablet's performance in any method.
Key details :
- iOS 14 Design inspired from your favourite tablet
- IOS Tablet Caller screen
- iOS 14 widgets gratis
- Open center pro
- Tool library of the recent iOS modernize
- Help of iOS 14 Style Folder, Begin Menu and Launcher
- iOS Screen dialer for mobile
- Mobile app in Ellegant Tiles
- Shortcuts of most used apps on Desktop by press and keep Detail.
- Simple Navigation to the Tools
- Built-In help of File Explorer in Launcher iOS 14 Style
- Make Folders, Slash, Copy, Paste, Transport, Share etc.
- Listing of all of your drives, SD Card, Storage, audio and video files and pictures in PC style.
- Taskbar For Launcher iOS 14 style
- Weather application : for accurate detailed forecasts
- Showing hourly, everyday, weekly, and monthly weather forecast
- Boost your Volume. Receive the Maximum sound with this Sound Amplifier 3D
IOS caller screen
The application provides a High Definition Interface of IOS Operating System. It includes IOS Dialer, IOS Call Log, IOS Contacts, etc. Ready to experience full screen caller id, and slide to respond, check your caller id before unlocking your i call screen ?

Weather Forecast
Launcher iOS 14 application Contains a weather application that uses your zone services to present the weather forecast. The weather application will present the everyday, weekly, and hourly weather forecast.

Online Radio
Launcher iOS 14 also contains an online radio. For listening to melody, news feeds, sports, local info, live stream, podcasts... listen to streaming radio and play your favourite radio station wherever and whenever you like.

Volume booster
A volume amplifier, and equalizer, a melody booster and melody amplifier to boost your melody volume through your headphones or speakers. Launcher iOS 14 : iOS 14 Widgets, iOS Modernize, i Call Screen has an equalizer that turns into a super heavy woofer.

Charge optimizer
The optimized Battery Charging option of Launcher iOS 14 : iOS 14 Widgets, iOS Modernize, i Call Screen is designed to reduce the wear on your battery and improve its lifespan by reducing the time your tablet spends completely charged.

Launcher iOS 14 offers a simpler alternative. It has a selection of iOS 14 based widgets including two weather widget, a battery widget, calendar widget, translate widget, video user widget, and melody widgets.

Contact : [email protected]
Policy privacy :
Terms of test :

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Launcher iOS 14 Details

Size: 17M
Genre: Personalization
Last update: 2147483647
Full title: Launcher iOS 14
Version: 1.0
Android version: 5.0 and up
Status: tips tricks no download

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