Magic Dance Line: Music Tap Tiles Hack Cheats No Surveys Mods

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 Magic Dance Line: Music Tap Tiles Hack Cheats No Surveys Mods


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Magic Dance Line: Music Tap Tiles cheat hacks



Magic Dance Line: Music Tap Tiles hack tool

Magic Dance Line: Music Tap Tiles hack tool

Magic Dance Line: Music Tap Tiles hack tool

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About Magic Dance Line: Music Tap Tiles

Hi and welcome to a very nice Rolling spiral Line title that offers you the occasion to Zig and Zag the line with your Skillful concentration.
Listening carefully to the beat Magic Enjoy Melody, and it will tutorial the Snake through a changing color Maze for you.. Tap the screen and Dash to create a sharp steer and to Ziging and Zaging line, avoiding obstacles tiles and reach to the Temple before you can see the hole. Believe your Skillful ears and Finger rather your eyes to dance and Ziging the Line!
This Slither spiral melody Maze you can enjoy with Melody globe tiles or guitar melody and combines different instruments which are guitar, drum, and especially Piano and different monuments ! Moreover, this is one of the famous Maze for line dance titles.
Your target is to Stack and Stack to become the largest and longest dance snake line in the globe. If your head touches the wall you will burst and then it's title over so do not Smash and Hit it and dont fall in the hole globe .
dance line tiles full of tricky maze so you have to be attentive to fall in the out and pay attention to precipices that are in the title dancing in vortex play it . test to receive into a trance to play venture and nice twist of street melody,don't give up and continue your journey in this maze of twisting precipices and moving draw line platforms.
Featuring various Arcade and Journey worlds of increasing difficulty, every one paints a special picture spiral turret and evokes various emotions and colourful experience.
Addictive musical title for tapping and dancing. following the path to reach the Temple.
the magic Dance it s rhythm in pretty seasons colorfull streets. tap to control the Line turn to avoid the obstacles appeared and to not Smash and Hit the block.
It's an epic dance Rolling line Simulator of growing up color line over sharp turns of glowing crazy path.
It's an unlimited Rolling and Dash Dance tap Line title in the block platforme in which your Stack and dance with line is just Rolling by tapping the path at right timing. BE attentive with your skillful eyes and finger it's all about timing.
this twister magic melody title is an tap beat tap rhythm title for tapping and dancing that you would like it after testing. It is simple to enjoy, but not so simple to master. Control the splashy line of tiles with finger tapping, just tap screen to create the moving snake into briks wall line to turn around so that it will not hit with the obstacles like a beat line racer. Test your skillful eyes and finger to tutorial the twisty snake street moving through the roll in vortex globe but don t forget to play the adventure of full color globe street line .
Tap to use your reflexes and how powerful your concentration lvl is.
it is an block snake title and the title of mind involving tap dash tap at the exact right time to transport right or left and or to turret jump spiral to protect from the obstacles.The perfect environment totiles melody hop and the moving platform is waiting.
Allow's see how much your line Dance in the rolly sky over crazy Maze path through a multiple of environments with a paint turret globe.
Title detail:
- 3D physical environment and moderate melody line.
- The line tutorial your tapping and dancing.
finally all i am going to tell is test your Skillful eyes and Finger to tutorial and Tap the Snake Line through the colourful Maze and play the adventure into a Tunnel and turret Rush full of surprises and remember not to drop and Smash and Hit the walls and to Stack until you reach your temple or your turret.
Play Dance roll Line .

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Magic Dance Line: Music Tap Tiles Details

Size: 84M
Genre: Music
Last update:
Full title: Magic Dance Line: Music Tap Tiles
Android version:
Status: tips tricks no download

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