Princess of the Dead: Romance You Choose Hack Cheats That Actually Work

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 Princess of the Dead: Romance You Choose Hack Cheats That Actually Work


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Princess of the Dead: Romance You Choose cheat hacks



Princess of the Dead: Romance You Choose hack tool

Princess of the Dead: Romance You Choose hack tool

Princess of the Dead: Romance You Choose hack tool

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About Princess of the Dead: Romance You Choose

**Delve into this paranormal visual romance ebook from beginning to end for gratis, making the choices in both perilous and fun cases!**

**Decisions…decisions - they are all yours to create as you adventure through this interactive choice title! These choices are about anything from fighting zombies to having alone-time with one of 3 hotties!**

**You become the pretty, tenacious and fierce heroine in this romantic interactive novel involving a post-apocalyptic globe, zombies and, of course, three superb boys who are into you!

**Receive immediately pulled into this romance-journey choice storyline as you create both serious and fun choices, all leading up to the final one – which of the three incredibly handsome boys will you pick?!**

Synopsis / Characters

Having witnessed your commander’s brutal death as a young soldier, you’ve retired early from the units and taken a regular job. In this post-apocalyptic, zombie-ridden globe, you don’t wish to test your fighting skills more than you have to. However, when your city gets bombed and you have to flee, that all changes!

Reconnecting with a childhood mate and meeting two another intriguing boys on your adventure, you roam from zone to zone, becoming the leader of the ‘squad.’ A, encouraging development occurs, and has you all trekking to the half-demolished Fresh York Town in a last effort to support save humans from the zombie-virus!

The method is treacherous with zombie-hoards and evil humans to conquer. Just when all looks like it’s going to work out, a last-minute betrayal should crash all your difficult work and hope!


[Childhood Mate Zach]

Funny, protective and extremely nice-looking, Zach knew you from your school-days, and the two of you reconnect after years. However, you are both forced to flee your city together, going from zone to zone, fighting zombies and more! Even in dire cases, he likes to say jokes and is an nice baker when he gets the possibility. But don’t allow his simple-going, humorous methods blind you to the intense, passionate feelings he has for you!

[Ex-Units Sniper Trevor]

Trevor’s got height, muscles, a drop-dead superb face and assassin aim with his sniper gun! Both liking to be in charge, you and this hunk of a guy butt heads at first. He also keeps to himself, personal and lone-wolf-like. But as you trek through the zombie-ridden globe together, you explore a softer, more artistic side to him – one that likes to sketch. Hold an eye on this boy with lethal nice-looks and strength, he should very well steal your heart!

[Squad-member Leo]

All surfer-blond hair, baby-blue eyes and a skinny but tall build, Leo is quite the mystery! You meet this cute-man on your adventure and know there’s something various about him right away. He’s both vague and secretive, not to mention flirty! As you receive to know him and explore his passion for song-writing and singing, your heart begins to melt for him. Watch out! This pretty boy should be holding deadly secrets!

On this risky yet hopeful journey through the zombie-filled globe, you receive to create all kinds of choices! You also receive to know and war side-by-side with your fresh ‘squad’ of three insanely hot guys…and decide which one is right for you!

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Princess of the Dead: Romance You Choose Details

Size: 45M
Genre: Entertainment
Last update: 2147483647
Full title: Princess of the Dead: Romance You Choose
Version: 1.0.0
Android version: 4.1 and up
Status: tips tricks no download

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