Savanna Safari Craft: Animals Hack Cheats No Surveys Mods

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 Savanna Safari Craft: Animals Hack Cheats No Surveys Mods


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Savanna Safari Craft: Animals cheat hacks



Savanna Safari Craft: Animals hack tool

Savanna Safari Craft: Animals hack tool

Savanna Safari Craft: Animals hack tool

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About Savanna Safari Craft: Animals

Building & crafting square savannah globe!
Gratis exploration of wild savanna! Explore cube pretty animals. For women and men! Bring your boyfriend or girlfriend and search a wild safari pet! Craft special stuff! Exploration of a square cube globe! Safari journey with pretty square animals. Adventure to savanna and begin a safari journey! exploration of a globe of wild blocky cube animals! Pixel savannah sandbox! Build town from blocks on savanna, desert or jungle! Travel blocky cube 4x4 jeep in a vast universe sandbox! Wish to fly? Receive a gratis square air plane and play safari love journey from high! So many wild animals to meet! Lion, rhino, elephant, monkey, zebra and many more! Pretty blocky pocket pet animals from savannah, desert and jungle! They’ll become your pet mates! Fantasy safari journey with your boyfriend or girlfriend! Chat and date with NPCs (not true folks!) in 4x4 jeep or in plane - love and square air, no high school romance! Change clothes to impress men and women! Be the cool man or pretty top woman in this exploration journey title! One of the most addicting title for teenagers! Become fantasy savannah character! Make anything you wish! From a zoo with animals to doll house! Craft stuff and discover the unlimited globe! Become a miner in Africa! Mine deep into the blocky globe! Plant flowers, ride wild animals, build and make! Constructive craft title for men and women! One of the greatest zoo journey titles!

Exploration of savanna - in a 4x4 jeep or plane!
Craft and build with blocks in this epic quest to change wild sandbox globe! Realize your safari fantasy in this gratis constructive title for men and women! Jump to blocky cube 4x4 jeep or square plane and visit savanna, jungle or desert! Learn about fresh crafting materials from tribal village! Mine resources! Pixel quest to craft and build fresh wild globe! Build a town or house and decorate! Exploration of launch-globe African sandbox universe! Greatest journey title for family and children, high school mates, men and women! Your boyfriend or girlfriend will love it! Change clothes to look like an African lord or queen, prince or princess! Blocky dress-up for women - teen and high school! Animals won’t be so wild, they’ll become your blocky pocket pet mates! Simple Building & crafting from blocks in pretty, retro pixel art title. No animal hunting! Only pretty pets! Men and women craft for gratis!

Building & crafting blocky cube wild globe
Be constructive! Mine resources and build an fantasy home, shelter, high school, tribal village or town - like in town builder! Design and decorate your safari house! Live with your boyfriend and pet mates like lord or queen, prince or princess! Chat and date in savannah, desert or jungle! No desert island! Pretty animals will follow you! Lion, rhino, monkey, zebra or even elephant! Select your blocky pocket pet! Pretty, retro pixel art landscape awaits to discover! Change clothes! Ultimate dress-up! For gratis! Fantasy journey safari without animal hunters! One of greatest cube sandbox pixel art titles! Extreme fun on square savanna! For teens and adults!

exploration of savanna!
Building & crafting house!
Meet pretty animals!
Craft and change clothes like savannah prince or princess!
Search a boyfriend or girlfriend!
Date on safari!
Pretty retro pixel art graphics!
Build mini zoo with animals.
Multiplayer mode!
Co-op mode!
More desert and jungle worlds to discover!
More pretty pets to select from!
More materials for Building & crafting! (design craft)
Enhanced jeep and plane!

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Savanna Safari Craft: Animals Details

Size: 65M
Genre: Adventure
Last update: 2147483647
Full title: Savanna Safari Craft: Animals
Version: 1.10
Android version: 4.4 and up
Status: tips tricks no download

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