Touch Bible Loaded-Audio Bible Hack Cheats Online Free Guide

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 Touch Bible Loaded-Audio Bible Hack Cheats Online Free Guide


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Touch Bible Loaded-Audio Bible cheat hacks



Touch Bible Loaded-Audio Bible hack tool

Touch Bible Loaded-Audio Bible hack tool

Touch Bible Loaded-Audio Bible hack tool

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About Touch Bible Loaded-Audio Bible

This Bible can read the Bible to you, works without internet, and is loaded with 60,000+ study notes, Powerful's Hebrew and Greek lexicons, definitions from multiple resources and more!

Touch Bible is so inexpensive. It's a lot of application for a small price!

** Audio Bible + Reading Plan**
Touch Bible's Audio Detail reads the Bible to you right out of Dial-a-Verse. You can begin reading from any verse you pick. This detail can support you read through the whole Bible! (Please see the policies below on the Audio detail, it needs gratis 3rd party mobile system components to work.) Test the Audio Bible with the reading plan to finally read the whole Bible in less than a year!

** Offline Study Bible **
60,000+ study notes and Powerful definitions in Touch Bible will support you receive more out of the Bible anywhere you go! It is more than a Bible reader, it gives you softwares to support you comprehend what you are reading. You'll love ALWAYS having access where ever you go to the following:
- Many English versions: Fresh English Translation, Lord James, Globe English Bible and American Standard included - No internet needed!
- Multi-Ver - see two versions of the Bible on one screen!
- 60,000+ NET Bible study notes
- Immediate access to definitions from Powerful's Concordance
- Immediate definitions contain info from combined resources:
+ "Powerful's Lexicons" (Greek and Hebrew)
+ "Brown, Driver, Briggs Lexicon" (BDB)
+ "Theological Word Ebook of the Old Testament"
+ "Thayer's and Smith's Bible Dictionary"
+ "Kittel"
- Simple find, bookmarks, verse notes
- An interface that is so easy you'll be reading in no time
- Hold your own notes

** Powerful's Lexicon **
What is a Lexicon? It is like a Bible dictionary. The words in the Bible have been numbered, and those numbers (Powerful numbers) are tied to definitions from the original languages of the Bible. There was a time when it took few ebooks or unique, "numbered" bibles to connect these numbers to a definition. Not anymore!

Touch Bible makes looking up definitions simple. Click on a linked word in the KJV and you'll receive so much info about the word. You can find for a Powerful Number or look up a word for definitions or simply find for a word in and tap the word in scripture for the definition.

** More Benefits **
Touch Bible makes getting to scripture simple. It was made to be very simple to test. Here are a list of the details in Touch Bible that give you quick access to the bible:

- Dial a Verse: Touch Bible's method of looking up scripture FAST
- Find: Very Quick & clever keyword find with verse preview & many find options
- Bookmarks: Contains Verse Preview!
- Readability: spread out words, adjustable font sizes
- Night Mode: for reading in weak light cases
- Online Study: Thousands of articles on subject about the Bible.
- Feel richly blessed by the biblical knowledge others have passed down.
- Install it to the SD Card

** Touch Bible Gratis **
Just need a Bible without the additional study content? Test Touch Bible Gratis. It is not watered down, not a demo application and not a downgrade. It's an application for God's word the method it could be... gratis, no advertisement distractions in the bible, and no need to be plugged in to the internet.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
It is suggested you verify text-to-speech works before you purchase. Audio Bible details work on most devices out of the box, but there is no guarantee it will work on your device. It needs the gratis, 3rd party, "Google TTS" engine. Touch Bible does not offer help for 3rd party components or applications.

Touch Bible Makes it simple to receive Text-to-Speech:
Check to see if TTS is installed - If you see "Google TTS" or PICO somewhere in your device's settings, your device could be ready to read! Otherwise, Touch Bible will test to install it for you - but again there are no guarantees your device can help Google TTS. You can also test the tutorial at to manually install it.

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Touch Bible Loaded-Audio Bible Details

Size: 22M
Genre: Books & Reference
Last update:
Full title: Touch Bible Loaded-Audio Bible
Android version:
Status: tips tricks no download

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