ULTRA S Pen Planner Tips and Tricks Online Free Guide

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 ULTRA S Pen Planner Tips and Tricks Online Free Guide


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ULTRA S Pen Planner cheat hacks



ULTRA S Pen Planner hack tool

ULTRA S Pen Planner hack tool

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About ULTRA S Pen Planner

N.B. This application only helps devices from Samsung, because it includes Samsung's S Pen Library.

What is this Tool?

S Pen Planner is like a paper planner for your tablet. But it can be much more, if you like ;).

To record things, you can write/draw, kind, erase, undo&redo, insert pictures, and record sound. You can change-size, transport, copy&paste and reorder all the things that appear on the canvas.

You navigate between between date’s notes by arrow buttons next to the actual date in Day View and also by using the calendar to launch&edit a note of a specific date.

You can add unlimited number of pages per day, delete the actual page, and transport between the pages really easy.

You can add S Pen Planner Widget, which is a Calendar View 4x3 widget, to your home screen.

If your device does not have a menu button, you can long press the page label (Ex: "Page 1 of 1" Label), to change the background of the canvas.

Advance Instructions?

If a note has either drawings, voice recording, or multiple page (or all of these), it would be highlighted in the calendar.

Long pressing the Date Label will export the actual drawing to Camera folder in the Gallery.

You can hover over the buttons with your S Pen to read a short description of the function of every button.

Button Keys:

T - allows you to kind.
✎ - allows you to write/draw.
✘ - allows you to erase.
“Double tap or long pressing “T”, “✎”, “✘” brings out more options. Also you can press your S Pen button while hovering over the canvas to switch between typing and writing modes. Long press the text boxes to change size and transport them around.”

❐ -allows you to choose things in the canvas and transport and resize them. After you tap this button, you can either TAP on what you typed, drew, inserted to the canvas or DRAW A RECTANGLE around them to transport them or resize them. Long pressing this will let you to draw with shape recognition mode.

↶, ↻ - Undo and Redo, respectively
“Long pressing Undo undos everything! But you can undo this action by tapping undo again.”

<< - transport the date back by 1 day
"Long pressing this button moves back the date by 1 week or 7 days"
>> - transport the date forward by 1 day
"Long pressing this button moves forward the date by 1 week or 7 days"

+P - adds a fresh page to this date.
-P - delete this page to this date.
"If the page count is greater than one, the page indicator text would be black. If the page count is 1, the page indicator text would be white."

< - transport to the previous page
> - transport to the next page

Pic - allows you to insert pictures both from the gallery or from camera. Long press any pictures on the canvas to resize and to transport them.
"Long Pressing Pic button paste whatever you have copied before. You need to copy something in order for this to work."

♪ – allows you to record sound:
When the button text = ♪, TAP to begin recording.
When the button text = ✔, TAP finish recording.
When the button text = ►, TAP to enjoy the recording.
When the button text = ■, TAP to stop testing.
“Long press this button to delete actual recording. ♪ would appear. again”

Cal – shows calendar.
“Long pressing this button doesn’t present calendar. It instead opens up today’s page in day view.”

By pressing the menu button you can access the settings page. Settings page allows you to:
Change background or make your own background. If your device doesn't have a menu button, you can long press the page label (Example: "Page 1 of 1" Label) to change the background.

Da- (button in Month View) - opens today’s canvas in day view.

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ULTRA S Pen Planner Details

Size: 41M
Genre: Productivity
Last update: 2147483647
Full title: ULTRA S Pen Planner
Version: 6.6
Android version: 4.2 and up
Status: tips tricks no download

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